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... Search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity.

-- Albert Schweitzer


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About Janet Powell

At-a-glance: With a diverse educational and experiential background in the natural, social, and computer sciences and skills in detail-oriented writing, editing, and design, I enjoy work in a wide range of settings.  My love for the natural world extends to artistic endeavors, as well, and I also work as a freelance photographer.  I excel in tasks that require meticulous attention to detail, I take my work very seriously, and I am enthusiastic and dedicated to my duties and to my clients.  Contact me for special nonprofit rates.


Academic interests: Human behavior and expression of the self online (see "Articles"); evolutionary psychology; "appropriate technology" and its utility for low income and homeless persons; the digital divide in Appalachia; the behavioral correlates of video game playing; environmental racism; adaptive technologies and web design; human-computer interaction; the role of environmental influences on human development; Second Life and metaverse (virtual reality) communities.


Bachelor of Science, University of Kentucky, College of Arts and Sciences, Topical Major in Environmental Studies with emphasis in Biology. Graduated with Honors; 3.56 GPA.

Master of Social Work, University of Kentucky, College of Social Work. Graduated 3.833 GPA.

Certified Social Worker (CSW), Kentucky Board of Social Work.


Co-author of five research papers in the field of ecology, published in scientific peer-reviewed journals (list available here or search Science Citation Index

Published photographs have appeared in a number of national and international works.  (Click here for photo credit listing.)

Recent activities

Freelance Consultant for local and national nonprofit environmental and social justice organizations, providing expertise in areas of policy, sustainability, development, appropriate technology / alternative energy, and information technology, photography (client list and referrals available upon request). (1997-present)


Co-Founder of Earth Healing, a nonprofit organization seeking to promote a sustainable relationship between people and our environment. Examining the human health and environmental impacts of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Revitalization of the Environmental Resource Assessment Service program. Editing, formatting, and photo contribution for Appropriate Technology book to be published through University Press of Kentucky.  Map creation and publication design for Ethnic Atlas of the United States (2nd ed.). Earth Healing, Inc., with Albert J. Fritsch. (2003-present)


Field Research Assistant, Ecology. University of Kentucky.  Investigated the effects of human influence including roads and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use upon forest ecosystems with particular concern for invertebrate macrofauna. Web developer and coordinator for Appalfor educational internet project. (1995-2003; website and one research project ongoing to present)


Charter Board Member and website developer for Kentucky Initiative for Quality Nursing Home Standards, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of care for Kentucky’s aging population through education and advocacy. (2008-present)

Charter Board Member and outreach developer for Kentuckians For Nursing Home Reform, a nonprofit organization. (2004-2008)


Volunteer Leader, Web Publishing Special Interest Group; "Members Helping Members" technical support representative. Central Kentucky Computer Society. (2004-present)


Completed four graduate professional internships (references available upon request) in areas of refugee resettlement (Central Kentucky Jewish Federation, Jewish Family Services), domestic violence (YWCA Spouse Abuse Center), and elder care (Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, University of Kentucky) (2001-2003)


Additional works in progress:

Specialized skills

Forestry/ecology/entomology laboratory and field research; data collection and analysis.

Extensive computer skills, including hardware/software maintenance. Internet publishing and design, desktop publishing, graphic design and layout. Includes utility of MS Office, Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Acrobat, and experience with GIS/GPS applications. Atari XE/ST; Mac.

Writing (technical and non-technical), editing, grant writing, public relations and development.

Foreign language skills: Spanish; French for translation.



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