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Planet and People logo web design for nonprofits Kentucky and beyond also public relations e-book publishing technical writing accessibility usability for nonprofits Kentucky and beyond

... Search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity.

-- Albert Schweitzer


Most of my clients are
non-profit organizations.

My goal is to help these
organizations use technology
appropriately to further
their cause.  My rates are affordable -
substantially less than typical consulting fees.

Please contact me for more information and
for a complete listing of references.

I frequently work with clients on a continual, ongoing basis, and have retained many of my clients over the course of several years.

Below is a sampling of long-term projects. Click on image for link to sites:


Appalfor - Appalachian Sustainable Forestry;
University of Kentucky
[co-author, developer, and webmaster since 1995]
#1 Placement with Google; keywords: Appalachian sustainable forestry (click here to verify)


Earth Healing, a non-profit organization;
Executive Director: Albert J. Fritsch, SJ, PhD
[original developer, board member, and webmaster since 2003]
#1 Placement with Google; keywords: earth healing
(click here to verify)


Family Tree Healing, with Bob Sears, PhD;
Loyola Universtiy, Chicago
original developer and webmaster since 2006

#1 Placement with Google; keywords: family tree healing (click here to verify); #8 Placement with Google; keywords: family healing (click here to verify)


Kentucky Initiative for Quality Nursing Home Standards,
a non-profit organization;
President: Franklin W. Losey
[original developer, board member, and webmaster since 2008]#1 Placement with Google; keywords: Kentucky nursing home standards (click here to verify)


The Association of Christian Therapists,
an international Catholic / ecumenical Christian non-profit organization;
Contact: Charles Weber, PhD, University of Southern California
 [website redesign & webmaster since 2006]
#1 Placement with Google; keywords: Christian therapists association (click here to verify);
Placement with Google; keywords: Christian therapist
(click here to verify)


La France Nucléaire: Matières et Sites (French)
Nuclear France: Materials and Sites (English)
EcoPerspectives: A Project of Earth Island Institute

[original developer & webmaster, 1997-2006]
#1 Placement with Google; keywords: France Nucléaire (click here to verify)


Greenleaf Trail Guide / Honeytree Trail Guide
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
[layout & design, mapping, photography, 2008]


The Pearl
Oneline store of The Association of Christian Therapists
[website redesign & webmaster since 2008]

University of Kentucky, Second Life Island
Kentucky Forestry Learning Center
[co-developer, project work in progress, launch 2009-2010]








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