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... Search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity.

-- Albert Schweitzer

Welcome to PlanetandPeople.com

100 Alternative Search Engines

A9 www.A9.com

AOL www.aol.com

AURA! aura.research.microsoft.com

blinkx www.blinkx.com

boing www.boing.mobi

bookmach.com www.bookmach.com

BOXXET www.boxxet.com

ChaCha www.chacha.com

ClipBlast! www.clipblast.com

Clusty www.clusty.com

collarity www.collarity.com

CometQ www.cometquery.com

CONGOO www.congoo.com

d e c i p h o www.decipho.com

del.icio.us http://del.icio.us

digg www.digg.com

digg labs swarm http://labs.digg.com/swarm/

Ditto www.ditto.com

dumbfind www.dumbfind.com

exalead www.exalead.com/search

factbites www.factbites.com

fazzle www.fazzle.com

FEEDS|2.0 www.feeds2.com

Feedster www.feedster.com

FindSounds www.findsounds.com

GIGABLAST www.gigablast.com

girafa www.girafa.com

gnn o d www.gnod.net

GoDefy www.godefy.com

goshme www.goshme.com

GoYams www.goyams.com

grokker www.grokker.com

ICEROCKET www.icerocket.com

ixquick www.ixquick.com

KartOO www.kartoo.com

last.fm www.last.fm

Lexxealpha www.lexxe.com

like www.like.com

LiveDeal www.livedeal.com

liveplasma www.liveplasma.com

Local.com www.local.com

lurpo www.lurpo.com

MetaGlossary www.metaglossary.com

mnemomap www.mnemo.org

Mojeek www.mojeek.com

Mooter www.mooter.com

MrSAPO www.mrsapo.com

MS. DEWEY www.msdewey.com

nayio www.nayio.com

Octora www.octura.com

OiHoi Search http://oihoi.com

Pagebull www.pagebull.com

PlanetSearch www.planetsearch.com

pluggd www.pluggd.com

PODZINGER www.podzinger

Previewseek www.beta.previewseek.com

pronto.com www.pronto.com

QTsearch www.qtsearch.com

Quintura www.quintura.com

Releton www.releton.com

retrevo>gamma www.retrevo.com

riya www.riya.com

ROLLYO O www.rollyo.com

SearchTheWeb2 www.searchtheweb2.com

SEEQPOD www.seeqpod.com

sidekiq www.sidekiq.com

Simply Google http://www.usabilityviews.com/simply_google.htm

Singing FISH www.singingfish.com

Slideshow http://slideshow.zmpgroup.com/

Slifter www.slifter.com

soople www.soople.com

Speegle www.speegle.com

Sphider http://www.cs.ioc.ee/~ando/sphider/

SPURL.net www.spurl.net

S R C H R www.srchr.com

SurfWax www.surfwax.com

Swoogle http://swoogle.umbc.edu

TagJag! www.tagjag.com

thefind.com www.thefind.com

Trexy www.trexy.com

turboscout www.turboscout.com

UJIKO www.ujiko.com

url.com www.url.com

VMGO.com www.vmgo.com

Web 2.0 www.web20searchengine.com

Webaroo www.webaroo.com

WEBBRAIN www.webbrain.com

What to RENT? www.whattorent.com

whonu? www.whonu.com

WIKIO www.wikio.com

WiseNut www.wisenut.com

Yahoo! MINDSET www.mindset.research.yahoo.com

yoono www.yoono.com

yoople www.yoople.com

yubnub www.yubnub.com

YuFind www.yufind.com

ZABASEARCH www.zabasearch.com

zapmeta www.zapmeta.com

Zippy www.zippy.co.uk

ZUULA www.zuula.com




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